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This is from SilentMermaid21's dA and I have to agree with her- regardless of everyone's hate for the 2D Merida- she HAD to be transitioned because otherwise she doesn't work with the rest of the princess line. The sparkles were necessary because the WHOLE LINE has them (I mean, it's AIMED AT LITTLE GIRLS). I can understand why  Brenda Chapman didn’t like the image on the right here because she doesn’t have any of Merida’s classic feel. But the one in the image above definitely does- It’s MERIDA, as a PRINCESS. I think she looks amazing, and have all intents to cosplay this version.

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    The problem is is that they changed her whole body type and softened down her hair to make her more appealing. I mean I...
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    I think both versions are beautiful. And for the record,I have seen versions of her 2D self that is not full of glitter...
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    Yup. 2D isn’t the problem. It’s the DESIGNS.Even if they were the original designs? Some of them are just… really odd...
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    This looks like Merida pulled the ultimate photobomb.
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    Feminists. Pshhh.
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    No. Shut. up. They didn’t “cave in”, they did what should have been done. It’s bad enough we have to put up with the...
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    I’d also like if they put Rapunzel in her original 3D if they’re doing this with Merida. Though really, just make all...
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    Amen! I loved her new look. Everyone got their panties in a wad about it…I’m a HARDCORE feminist but jesus, it’s NOT...
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    no. just no. Merida shouldn’t fit in because she’s not like the other princesses. Merida’s all about giving little girls...
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