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Welcome to my blog! Here is where I post all my costuming works in progress, as well as reblog posts that interest me.
Current 2014 Work List


Hey everyone- I’ve been busy planning out commissions, but on the side I’ve been planning on stocking my Etsy. I recently figured out how to finally use twitter and figure I’ll use that for a lot of my shop updates- so feel free to follow me if those or my cosplay work is important/interesting to you. I’ll still post picture updates and tutorials on here, but typing lots of text posts saying “I’m gonna do ____” or “_____ is coming soon!” are kinda ehhhh.

So feel free to follow me on twitter, check out my Etsy, and of course my website. Now that it’s high-season for commissions there’ll be a lot going on and if you follow me for my work you’re in for quite the ride!! (Sorry for the shameless self promotion sort of post) 

Thanks again for following me everyone- you’re all wonderful and I’m every thankful for the feedback and support you’ve shown (and continue to show me!).


I personally cannot get over Etsy and eBay and some of the costume pricing/products I’ve seen. I mean, I get having high prices for custom cosplay work and creativity- art IS time and effort! and I also get that eBay costumes can be cheaper (based on where and how they’re made)… But there are certain things that just bother me… (example: short Jack Frost wigs that are barely styled, going for hundreds (and bought?)… Rapunzel wigs that are so thin you can see through to the wefts being sold (and bought?) for up to $900… Anna “complete costumes” being sold AND BOUGHT? for $80…) I mean, people are totally free to spend (or waste) their money how they wish!… but at the same time, I feel like it’s that sort of lack of understanding of price/quality/etc that’s damaging to the market as a whole…
Personally, I feel like…
There’s this influx of sellers on ebay who will make a “cosplay” for under $100, and that drives the “market” down, making lots of people think that costume makers who charge more are “overpriced”. And then, there’s the other side, (that’s Etsy) that has sellers with a HUGE skewing of prices far above the normal range, that makes people feel like if costumes aren’t for a high price, they must not be quality…. I feel like commissions work ends up getting priced down (or overly priced up) because of these skewed concepts driven by the strange markets on Etsy and eBay, and the comparison between the two. And it’s leading to a lot of price/pricing confusion and it’s setting this strange standard… a lot of the quality work I’ve seen is way underpriced, and a lot of shoddy work is way overpriced… It’s just frustrating… and it makes me feel deeply for my friends who do commissions as their stand-alone, full time jobs- it seems like a confusing, frustrating market to have to work in, and it sounds overly unforgiving to me. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to set prices- and keep them at those set levels, and still get commissions- without selling yourself short, or overpricing yourself?

I’d love to hear about your personal experiences with this market, either as a seller or a buyer- anyone? Opinions?

OKAY- so this is more for personal enjoyment/visuals, and also to show some close friends some of my modifications. The one on the left is actually more like a combination between the film’s desgins and the Park’s shirt cut. Elsa’s film shirt falls off her shoulders more- I’m conservative, so I did a similar cut to the Parks shirt. Also- the parks doesn’t have a gradient, mine do.

While Elsa’s sleeve designs were pretty cool- they didn’t feel “regal” or “queenly” to me in person? When I laid out the crystals- they looked almost too modern. So I made them more into snowflakes, and made the curves more gentle and soft. (Example pictures here, here, and here). I’m also planning on a cute little snowflake motif in the back, to help pull it all together. The park’s shirt is sadly very stark and empty in the back, showing TONS of just blank sheer fabric, so I’m trying to avoid that.

Not that I think any of you would do this- but PLEASE don’t repost my work, just reblog. If you reference this or use it- just link back or mention me/credit me? Thanks!

Commissions List:

So, yes, I DO do commissions. I have a whole post about it actually… but because I’m a full time student trying to attain my Bachelors, I focus on it during the semester, and therefore, they are closed. Once the semester ends- I am open to work on commissions 40+ hours a week. Admittedly June 1-14th I’m in California, but aside from that I will be open for slave work. : )

I do allow people to send me emails and claim a “space” so to speak, of my summer. Commissions that are heavily work intensive, require a lot of hand dying, etc- are usually ones I “pre-register” a slot for. I only have ten concrete commission slots each summer. Once that fills up, there’s a waiting list. Yes, you read correctly- only ten. Why? Because if you’ve seen my cosplay, you know I’m very detail oriented. I’m the sort of person who will make sure things are perfect, even if it means I don’t sleep. That sort of precision gets tiring and 10 full costumes can really destroy me. (For some perspective- Periwinkle was custom made from the ground up. It took me a week to plan, 2 weeks to make, and a week to recover from. That’s a month for one costume. Just saying… this is why ten is actually kind of crazy intense!). 

If you are interested in being put on the list, PLEASE follow the guidelines here and email me accordingly. I have the right to deny you from the list if I feel what you’re asking is out of my ability range. 

Terms I use: “screen quality” means as accurate to the movie as possible without creating copyright infringement. “original” means a design of my own. “basic” means as simple a version as possible while still being that character (good for pricing things down). 


1. Rapunzel’s dress (screen quality): includes corset, undershirt, skirt. 

2. Anna’s Coronation gown (screen quality): corset, skirt, underskirt, bloomers

3. Darkwing Duck (original): blouse, jacket, skirt, accessories 








Commissions Information:


Just so everyone is officially aware, I do in fact, make cosplay/costume commissions! : 

Things I can do:Make accessories, whole or partial costumes, etc- from scratch. I also do also do alterations on objects not made by me (i.e. embroidering a pair of sandals, dyeing a blouse, etc). 

Price Range: My prices are all done individually, via email. If you’re interested in something I can give you a quote. I am able to do price plans for people on a budget- so if you need to spread out payment over weeks or months, that’s doable. 

If you’d like to run something past me and have me give you a quote- just email me at with the heading “Cosplay Commission Quote:______” and fill in that blank with your name. If you have a price range, need a budget plan, or have a deadline, PLEASE tell me upfront. I reserve the right to say no. 

My Policies:

-All prices are final. Bartering is not an option. 

-If you do not pay, you do not receive your item.

-I will not begin construction of custom purchases until after I have been paid (this includes payment plans). I do not accept mailed money. If you have concerns regarding payment, please email me prior to ordering.

-If you want to cancel a custom order and receive a refund, you must do so before I have finished your piece. Otherwise, refunds are not an option even if the order has been cancelled.

-I DO make both national (US) and international shipments. 

-Please make sure that if a piece has real fur or bones in it that these are allowed in your country and can be shipped. 

-If you need an item by a certain date, you MUST make me aware of the deadline ahead of time. If things like shipping or Customs make the item late, I am not held accountable.

-In some countries, Customs will hold packages or open them. Please make sure you know the policies in your country and allow time for holdups.

-Correct information is a must. If you do not correctly measure, weigh, or calculate- it is not my problem. It is up to the buyer to measure their body for the necessary measurements PRIOR to buying. I will not accept returns or refunds based on measuring mistakes made by the buyer.

-If your item is lost in shipping or damaged I won’t be held accountable. Buyers should prepare and be ready for these sorts of things when purchasing goods online and through the mail. Shipping insurance is always a good option when getting an item shipped. Buyers must alert me ahead of time if they want insurance, as it will be added into the final cost.

-Please be aware that I am a pet owner (I have one cat). Even though my pet does not go near my supplies or my workspace- if you have specific concerns or allergies- please make me aware of that ahead of time. I will make sure that your piece is “allergy free” (made in a different studio).

-I do often work with real fur and/or bones, since I consider authenticity very important. Unless otherwise asked, I will use them on your piece, since generally real fur/leather is cheaper for me to use (where I live they are very available). If a true fur/bone piece is made, I will not accept any comments or opinions concerning the fur trade. If you would prefer I use only synthetics on your piece, PLEASE ask me before hand. 

-I do alter pieces not made by me. However, the buyer covers cost of shipping both ways, and pays for materials needed for the alterations. If you’re interested in this option, please email me.

The Peri wing stencil is finished! I put my slipper/foot in there for size reference. 

Costume Analysis: Periwinkle

So, a lot of people are looking for good photos of the character Periwinkle, from Disney’s new movie The Secret of the Wings. Peri is a super fun, lovable character and her debut in the new movie really made a lot of people want to make her outfit (me included)! I figured I’d make this quick resource/analysis post to help everyone out, if they’d like! All the photos here are screen shots from my own personal copy of the movie- PLEASE, don’t use without linking back to here? ALSO- if this analysis helped you, link back to it so others can find/use it too!

Periwinkle’s hairstyle:

Peri’s white hair is a classic “pixie” cut at the nape of her neck, which then grows longer in length and is “mow-hawked” into an updo that curls at the top. Her face is framed with bangs. I’ll post as many pictures here as I can so you can see, okay? In my opinion, this is the most difficult part of the cosplay, since short, heavily styled wigs can be really easy to mess up. 


Periwinkle’s Dress and Capris:

Peri’s dress is two, large frosty blue leaves sewn together at their sides, and it covers an underskirt made of soft, fluffy snowy owl feathers. The leaves tend to move around a little bit, and give off the appearance of being “uncentered” as it moves around. The feathers seem to be three in the front (although the center one is covered by the leaves), two on the sides, and three in the back. Her capris are also made from leaves, but are a darker blue. The veining is even, and goes down the sides of them. The ends of the pants are slightly below her knees, and end in delicate curls outwards.


Periwinkle’s Shoes:

Like Tinkerbell, Periwinkle prefers flats with cute little fuzzy white pom-poms on them. However, Peri’s are blue and seem to have a bit more of a point to them than Tink’s. She also apparently “usually just leaves them [the pom-poms] on at home” so there’s parts in the movie where she doesn’t have them on her shoes. Either or can work. ; )


Periwinkle’s Wings:

Peri’s wings are VERY important to her cosplay because they were a huge part of the movie- and they connect her to her sister in a very important way! They’re identical to Tink’s. 


Wig help?

I really can’t decide on a Luna wig. It’s killing me. 

I really, REALLY adore cosplaystation’s Luna wig, but it would come out to about 120$ (including shipping). It’s 35” long and looks like this. I’ve dealt with cosplay station many, many times before and have never been disappointed. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me to ask if my Rapunzel wig is my real hair. It’s THAT good of quality. It’s super pricey though… (you get what you pay for I suppose?).

On the other hand, lots of people have commented on having good experiences with Arda-Wigs and when I look at their Claudia wig and two buns… it’d come out to about $47 (not including shipping). The Claudia wig in black looks like this, and it looks like this in the back in terms of length, and comes to roughly 28”. I like the idea of being able to remove the buns and possibly use the wig for another cosplay… but I’ve never used Arda before so I’m hesitant… mostly after the total flop that was (there went $30 down the drain). 

So, what is your opinion? Which is the better buy? I’m really open to opinions and I’d like to hear if you guys have any personal experiences that’d help me out?

Wig Curious- Questions for my fellow cosplayers.

I’m really curious about other people’s answers to these sorts of questions. I think we all have experiences and opinions about cosplay wigs. And I think sharing them could really help out other people in their wig buying decisions. So, if you do have the ability to answer these questions, pass on your opinions and wisdom? 

• In your opinion what is a reasonable price range for a cosplay wig? Which price ranges would you designate as “cheap wigs”? Which are “overpriced wigs”? 

• About how much was the cheapest wig you’ve ever bought? Was it a “good buy”? About how long did it last?

• About how much was the most expensive wig you’ve ever bought? Was it worth the price? About how long did it last?

• In your opinion which is more cost effective- buying a pre-styled wig, or styling one yourself? Why?

• What was the worst wig experience you’ve ever had?

• What’s a wig you really want to buy but haven’t bought yet?

• Do you have a preferred seller that you buy from? If so, who and why? Are there any wig sellers you refuse to purchase from? If so, who and why?

Constructive Critique anyone?

I’m really curious for responses and I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m just trying to get attention?

What do you like most about my cosplays? Is there a specific cosplay you really enjoy? If so why? Are there things you thought I should have changed? Is there a cosplay you think I should do? Is there something specific I should do if/when I do it (in your opinion)? (Keep in mind, I never do literal cosplays… ever.)

I’ve been planning and doing drawings/scheduling for my costume making plans for 2013 (since I’m gonna be full time with work and school soon, I gotta schedule my time wisely), and I realized I’d love some feedback. I normally don’t get constructive feedback, most of my feedback are comments like “Oh pretty” or “you look really nice” which are fantastic (thank you so much!) but I’d really like constructive stuff so I can see if there’s things I need to change. A lot of times when I see someone’s costume, I’ll comment on the seaming, or their use of color, or how they incorporated their own personality into it- that sort of stuff. I think it really helps to know what was a good thing, so you can know to repeat that process in the future. I’d really, really, REALLY like some feedback- anything is welcome, even if it’s a little harsh. 

Keep in mind- a constructive critique gives feedback about the positives and negatives and offers helpful comments on how to possibly fix those negatives. It’s not saying “It’s nice” or “It sucks”. If you’re just going to be rude, please don’t bother?

For some photos of my cosplays/costumes look here, and here. I made all of them (wigs included) except for the movie style Rapunzel one.