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Welcome to my blog! Here is where I post all my costuming works in progress, as well as reblog posts that interest me.

My new coord items! I’m so super excited to curl my hair and wear this ;3; 

Once again, late night lighting (ughh) but Anna is slowly progressing. Sadly I have to wear it this Saturday- I wish I could be more anal about things, but honestly I don’t have the time and it’s just a nonprofit thing for the enjoyment of kids- so I think it’ll pass until I’m not so bogged down with school XD

Anna is slowly, slowly coming together. Having such a close deadline, along with the pressures of school is really… stressful for me? But at the same time- it’s pushing me to not be quite so serious and competitive about costuming. It’s nice to make small, personal choices that aren’t “accurate”. My colors are slightly more “natural” and the ribbon actually has a pattern to it. Overall it’s looking pretty legit- I’ll admit that sewing commissions this summer really helped me learn some tricks (thanks guys!). 

Also- apologies for strange angles, blurry photos, etc. It’s 3AM on a school day, and I haven’t put in the zipper yet… 

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Rapunzel yesterday’s but I had a lot of fun! The costume is still in progress…. The embroidery isn’t done, and I’ve lost a lot of weight so I need to resize the underskirt. But overall I’m really happy with it! Excuse how exhausted and out of sorts I look- these were taken after 7 hours of faire time XD.

Rapunzel crown gems are finally done! All that’s left is to hot glue in hair combs so it won’t fall off!

The new sleeve pattern is puffing up a lot nicer. I caved and used the lighter pink ribbon (it was the ideal width)- but I got rid of the gaudy satin shine by flipping them over. I didn’t want a seam along the ribbon edges, so I used heat’n’bond. I wasn’t sure about the stiffness of the ribbon, but it helps the sleeve poof! All that’s left is to finish the sleeves, the center modesty panel, and to put a seam on the skirt to make it cleaner edged.

Not really sure how I feel about this mock-sleeve… I feel like it’s not poofy enough…. 

SO- today I finished hand dyeing all the fabrics for Rapunzel. And I learned you CAN dye polyester! HUZZAH. NO LONGER WILL SATIN BE DAUNTING (color wise).