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Welcome to my blog! Here is where I post all my costuming works in progress, as well as reblog posts that interest me.
Current 2014 Work List

Slowly…. Slowly it’s getting done….it’s also a little big on me but that’s because I’m not wearing a wig XD

Successfully finished the four layers of glazing for the crown- the base feels dry but I’m still going to give it 24hrs to cure fully. I buffed and polished and then glazed the big clear gems- so once they’re dry they’re good to go too! Progress!!

So this is what I did today!

After waiting a long time, I finally caved and saved up the money to work with Dulcinea. I approached her about working on a Rapunzel crown, and she was really sweet and wonderful, and it’s honestly been my best props experience yet. Her work arrived safely this morning, and I continued working all day doing the finishing work and sealing (there’ll probably be a lot more of this). I have all the beading and gem work ready… that’ll take an age to cement them all and then do the finishing and glazing- but overall I’m really happy with the whole thing so far, and (I think) she was too? Honestly if any of you ever need to work on props and you’re looking for someone to work with/buy from- she’s the BEST. You should definitely check out her facebook page too- I’ll admit there aren’t too many specific cosplayers I fangirl over, but she’s definitely one of them! Her work is always so carefully crafted and accurate! Truly an inspiration!

More photos to come soon!!

Wonky photos so the proportions look odd- but waisted Rapunzel corset is done. Next up is the undershirt and sleeves. Oh and skirt XD. But first- SLEEP. 20 straight hours of sewing is brutal…

Almost finished the top piping. I couldn’t find the right colored pink pre-made, so I hand made my own piping. And then took the time consuming task of making it seamless with the lining… Sometimes it kills to be a perfectionist. 

Progresssss~! Half the corset has been cleanly made… sort of….and now that it’s finally resembling something finished, I draped the skirt fabric and I’m actually really liking how the colors look together. : )

Mock patterning at 2:30 am while listening to blaring dubstep- just another day….

Rapunzel dyeing is complete. Depending on the lighting it either looks purple or pink- which is pretty much how it is in the movie so I’m not complaining. It’s not this saturated- but it photographs like that, and I’m kinda okay with that. Instead of ordering custom print and stuff, I found a white cotton with pink embroidery- that dyed like a dream. Close enough in my book haha!

I made Britt a Rapunzel bow for Disneyland! Look how pretty she looks! :)

A few days ago, I received a request for a resource illustration. (Which if ya’ll didn’t know, I’m always open and available to do- just send me an ask!).

Snowsomewhere asked for a layout of Rapunzel’s embroidery. So here’s my layout for the dress our beloved “lost princess” wears!

It’s really hard to determine the width of her skirt panels because of how unbelievable unrealistic the fabric on her skirt moves in the movie. It looks like satin, but stretches and bends designs as if it were screen printed stretch cotton. How does that even work??

This is the pattern I use (panel sizes and embroidery sized to how I intend to show it), and figured I’d just post that. If you decide to do something different- that’s up to you. ; ) The design that coils around the bottom of her skirt is literally the same design- it just flips and repeats. If you need a larger size of this image just click here.

Best of luck! And if you use this or reference it, please mention me. Thanks!!