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Current 2014 Work List
Sidebar image by sakimichan

Elsa Wig Test using Arda’s Matilda in Ash Blonde is done. These photos are in natural, shaded light. I’m pretty happy with how the Arda fibers held hairspray (even though the continual fallout of hairs during styling was a pain in the butt). I still think the lace could be softer (it scratches my forehead- ow) and I think the areas near the sideburns could hold a lot more fibers than they put in them. They included an inside wig clip, which was nice- but it’s so far back into the wig it doesn’t do much to help the wig stay on my head. I’m probably going to have to pull it out and re-sew it into a better place.

Overall, I repeat my original opinion that this is the best wig base Arda offers that you could use for Elsa. Styling it was so easy I was sort of floored that it only took me an hour to make a viable “Elsa” wig… The color leaves a lot up to the viewer’s opinions… I know a lot of people prefer white, or Titanium blonde- but both look really unnatural on me (which is why I use Silver, not white, usually). Ash Blonde is actually really close to my usual hair color, so it looks really natural and believable on me. : ) I still would be willing to try tea-dying a white wig, but I don’t really have the time for that atm, since Zenkaikon is barely 2 weeks away.

The collection looks so innocent on the shelf and then when you lay it out you can see how crazy my obsession is….

With a tiny bit of manipulation, I’m looking quite the Ice Queen. : ) The only things added in were my cape (which actually is from one of my own photos), the snowflakes, and the background. (Ice Palace background photo is from Kate McKinnon’s blog). 

Costume and Wig made 100% by me. Model is also Me. : ) 

Corset is finally finished- here have some 3am photos, with and without flash, in very poor lighting. It’s kinda just thrown on the manneuqin too- expect pictures of it on me some point after I finally sleep.

Corset has a sheer overlay over the sequins (like the parks), and crystals hot fixed onto the overlay to create a sparkly gradient (reminiscent of the skirt/sleeves).


Shit, I need to get skinnier to cosplay Elsa… I’m 168 cm (about 66 inches I think) and 60 kg (132 pounds). I love my curvy body, but elsa has a tall and slender figure.
I hate dieting :/ I think I’ll waist train instead!

You don’t need to lose weight to cosplay Elsa, only if you really personally want to change your body/image. I’ve seen quite a few “curvy” or “heavier” Elsas- and honestly they are my favorites. I particularly love this one, and it’s been my favorite Elsa cosplay since the moment I saw it (I like it even more than my own!) : ) I think if you make your corset exaggerated, it can give you the appearance of a smaller waist without actually having one. I have a thick waist and square type body, I’m very unlike Elsa as well. But I cut my corset to accentuate curves and make it appear that I was more “disney” like. Does that make sense? 

Newly dyed Anna mittens for Britt (Norwegian style Anna is a GO!), and my Tinkerbell fabrics (a very awesome linen and a discontinued sparkle fabric). Super excited to keep working on these- : )

I finally got the Jakks Pacific Pirate Periwinkle doll!! (wow that’s a lot of “p” words). Something I really loved was their inclusion of her concept art on the back of the box- it’s really interesting to see it juxtaposed next to the final doll!! I only wished they included the pompoms on her shoes- but oh well ;3; 

OKAY- so this is more for personal enjoyment/visuals, and also to show some close friends some of my modifications. The one on the left is actually more like a combination between the film’s desgins and the Park’s shirt cut. Elsa’s film shirt falls off her shoulders more- I’m conservative, so I did a similar cut to the Parks shirt. Also- the parks doesn’t have a gradient, mine do.

While Elsa’s sleeve designs were pretty cool- they didn’t feel “regal” or “queenly” to me in person? When I laid out the crystals- they looked almost too modern. So I made them more into snowflakes, and made the curves more gentle and soft. (Example pictures here, here, and here). I’m also planning on a cute little snowflake motif in the back, to help pull it all together. The park’s shirt is sadly very stark and empty in the back, showing TONS of just blank sheer fabric, so I’m trying to avoid that.

Not that I think any of you would do this- but PLEASE don’t repost my work, just reblog. If you reference this or use it- just link back or mention me/credit me? Thanks!