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Help, please!

Has anyone ever dyed or washed wool fabric before? 

Since I finished my practice run for the pattern of Merida’s dress (that green costume I’ve been posting) I went out and got my fabric for my final version. It’s 90% wool and 10% rayon and it’s a great teal color, but it’s just a little too light- almost the color of her archery competition dress. 

I’ve read a few articles on Google about dying wool, and most of them suggest Rit liquid dye, so I figure I’ll go with that in teal. I figured I’d use the washer dying method again, since that gave even color to other things I’ve dyed……. but….

I’m worried about shrinkage because it’s partially wool. Apparently “agitation, heat, and detergent” aren’t good for wool and cause it to shrink and felt? Does anyone have any experience washing or dying wool or products with wool in them? Share some wisdom with me?