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Current 2014 Work List


Costume Analysis: Periwinkle

So, a lot of people are looking for good photos of the character Periwinkle, from Disney’s new movie The Secret of the Wings. Peri is a super fun, lovable character and her debut in the new movie really made a lot of people want to make her outfit (me included)! I figured I’d make this quick resource/analysis post to help everyone out, if they’d like! All the photos here are screen shots from my own personal copy of the movie- PLEASE, don’t use without linking back to here? ALSO- if this analysis helped you, link back to it so others can find/use it too!

Periwinkle’s hairstyle:

Peri’s white hair is a classic “pixie” cut at the nape of her neck, which then grows longer in length and is “mow-hawked” into an updo that curls at the top. Her face is framed with bangs. I’ll post as many pictures here as I can so you can see, okay? In my opinion, this is the most difficult part of the cosplay, since short, heavily styled wigs can be really easy to mess up. 


Periwinkle’s Dress and Capris:

Peri’s dress is two, large frosty blue leaves sewn together at their sides, and it covers an underskirt made of soft, fluffy snowy owl feathers. The leaves tend to move around a little bit, and give off the appearance of being “uncentered” as it moves around. The feathers seem to be three in the front (although the center one is covered by the leaves), two on the sides, and three in the back. Her capris are also made from leaves, but are a darker blue. The veining is even, and goes down the sides of them. The ends of the pants are slightly below her knees, and end in delicate curls outwards.


Periwinkle’s Shoes:

Like Tinkerbell, Periwinkle prefers flats with cute little fuzzy white pom-poms on them. However, Peri’s are blue and seem to have a bit more of a point to them than Tink’s. She also apparently “usually just leaves them [the pom-poms] on at home” so there’s parts in the movie where she doesn’t have them on her shoes. Either or can work. ; )


Periwinkle’s Wings:

Peri’s wings are VERY important to her cosplay because they were a huge part of the movie- and they connect her to her sister in a very important way! They’re identical to Tink’s. 


Wig help?

I really can’t decide on a Luna wig. It’s killing me. 

I really, REALLY adore cosplaystation’s Luna wig, but it would come out to about 120$ (including shipping). It’s 35” long and looks like this. I’ve dealt with cosplay station many, many times before and have never been disappointed. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me to ask if my Rapunzel wig is my real hair. It’s THAT good of quality. It’s super pricey though… (you get what you pay for I suppose?).

On the other hand, lots of people have commented on having good experiences with Arda-Wigs and when I look at their Claudia wig and two buns… it’d come out to about $47 (not including shipping). The Claudia wig in black looks like this, and it looks like this in the back in terms of length, and comes to roughly 28”. I like the idea of being able to remove the buns and possibly use the wig for another cosplay… but I’ve never used Arda before so I’m hesitant… mostly after the total flop that was (there went $30 down the drain). 

So, what is your opinion? Which is the better buy? I’m really open to opinions and I’d like to hear if you guys have any personal experiences that’d help me out?

Wig Curious- Questions for my fellow cosplayers.

I’m really curious about other people’s answers to these sorts of questions. I think we all have experiences and opinions about cosplay wigs. And I think sharing them could really help out other people in their wig buying decisions. So, if you do have the ability to answer these questions, pass on your opinions and wisdom? 

• In your opinion what is a reasonable price range for a cosplay wig? Which price ranges would you designate as “cheap wigs”? Which are “overpriced wigs”? 

• About how much was the cheapest wig you’ve ever bought? Was it a “good buy”? About how long did it last?

• About how much was the most expensive wig you’ve ever bought? Was it worth the price? About how long did it last?

• In your opinion which is more cost effective- buying a pre-styled wig, or styling one yourself? Why?

• What was the worst wig experience you’ve ever had?

• What’s a wig you really want to buy but haven’t bought yet?

• Do you have a preferred seller that you buy from? If so, who and why? Are there any wig sellers you refuse to purchase from? If so, who and why?

Cosplay Conundrum

I think every cosplayer goes through this phase of “What Next?” after they complete a cosplay and successfully wear it. There’s so many choices and options and things you want to do- but you can’t do them all at once (Well, I mean, you could but that’d be crazy confusing!).

Lately I’ve felt like I’m “floating” or “floundering” (or something in between) because I’m without a working serger and my sewing machine has been acting up. I’m due to get both back from the shop next week sometime (thank GOD), but I’m left with this feeling of “What to do?”. I finished Merida, which was my big tackle of the year, but now I’m left with deciding the costumes for the convention in January. So far I’ve decided on Luna, but for some reason I keep pausing and feeling unsure while making it. It’s a hugely difficult dress to tackle for me, since I’m not used to working with tulle and I HATE tulle. My mom casually said today “Why don’t you go as a Ghibli character? You adore those movies” and yeah, that’s true, but… not sure. I could easily do Kiki… *sighs*

So I’m going to throw it out there. If you could see me make ANY costume- ANY. What would it be? It doesn’t have to be anime, or Disney- it can be anything. I’m just really curious and lost and sometimes other people inspire me more than my own imagination does. 

So, what would you want to see me make?

I’m thinking….

About making a store on Etsy and selling costumes I’ve made (will make). Those of you who make/sell cosplay, what are your suggestions/opinions/experiences? I’ve never been in the costuming business online before, but it’s something I really want to get into. Are there sites/connections you recommend? Any tips or suggestions you’d pass on to a beginner seller?

I wish…

…that I lived people who’d be willing to cosplay with me. When my boyfriend leaves for the Navy I will literally be an island and have no one to talk to or take photos with. 


Please, save me from staying an island.

Am I the only one that hates when people use markers (mostly ones that aren’t specifically for fabric) on the fabric of their cosplays/plushies? Like, Rapunzel skirts/sleeves with the flower pattern put on with Sharpie, or pony plushies with the eyes drawn on with Copics? I feel like… it cheapens the project and ruins all the work they put into making it. I know not all of us have insurmountable funds with which to make costumes (trust me, I know), but that doesn’t mean you need to use markers at all, let alone non-fabric markers? Like, yeah, maybe you’ll have to wait 5-6 more weeks to have the funds to get embroidery floss or an iron-on, or some sort of specialized marker… and yeah, maybe you’ll have to take a few more steps to use those… but isn’t that nicer than ruining your whole project (or at least making it look tacky) by using markers? Am I the only one who feels this way?

So, after 4 versions, 10 months, and way too many hours swearing at my machines- MERIDA IS DONE (aside from her accessories, but I… need a break!). 

There were SO many photos from this shoot that I adored. I included my favorites. ; )


(Also, I am seriously never working with plaid again. It was SUCH a pain to get it to lay/line up how I wanted it to? ;3; I have so much respect for kilts now!)

So, generally when I get sick of a certain project, I work on another one. My Merida dress was driving me up a wall, so I decided to work on Ariel.

Just like my Rapunzel dress, this is my version of a “modern” Ariel. It’s a little more theatrical, or dressy, but I really like it. I have to re-work the bust and the side zipper a little bit, since it’s about 5/8” to big… but I’m still really happy with it. The dress looks exactly like my sketch did. : ) It’s entirely designed and made by me, even the pattern.

The wig… ugh that wig. It’s so horrible. I’m going to save up and get a nicer one, but for the time being this is all I have. ;m;