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Elsa Wig Test using Arda’s Matilda in Ash Blonde is done. These photos are in natural, shaded light. I’m pretty happy with how the Arda fibers held hairspray (even though the continual fallout of hairs during styling was a pain in the butt). I still think the lace could be softer (it scratches my forehead- ow) and I think the areas near the sideburns could hold a lot more fibers than they put in them. They included an inside wig clip, which was nice- but it’s so far back into the wig it doesn’t do much to help the wig stay on my head. I’m probably going to have to pull it out and re-sew it into a better place.

Overall, I repeat my original opinion that this is the best wig base Arda offers that you could use for Elsa. Styling it was so easy I was sort of floored that it only took me an hour to make a viable “Elsa” wig… The color leaves a lot up to the viewer’s opinions… I know a lot of people prefer white, or Titanium blonde- but both look really unnatural on me (which is why I use Silver, not white, usually). Ash Blonde is actually really close to my usual hair color, so it looks really natural and believable on me. : ) I still would be willing to try tea-dying a white wig, but I don’t really have the time for that atm, since Zenkaikon is barely 2 weeks away.

Here’s my work in progress on turning the Arda Matlida (jn Ash Blonde) into an Elsa wig.

This is my first Arda lace front and I can’t really make up my mind on it. There are so many nice things about it- but there’s enough sub-par things that make me question whether it’s worth the $65. The actual lace was hard and plasticy and itchy- I wasn’t impressed, given that the lace on my IW wig was super soft. The wig fibers aren’t that soft feeling- but they’re soft looking and the type of fibers made it easy to style/braid. I want to re-braid the back, I’m not super happy with how the part near my neck nape looks- but I think that’ll be fixable if I do a few fly-away strands like near my bangs. It’s because of that I haven’t put in any hairspray- but I think once I do it’ll look super Elsa-esque.

I’ll show more photos later, ya’ll.


Elsa aka kennadeek casually working in class.

Me in Real Life. I swear I don’t wear it every day.

A Kingdom of Isolation (and it looks like it’s my room). Don’t let them in, don’t let them know- - -of my issues with the wig (fuck this wig’s lack of wow factor), or the skirt (screeches at the overskirt riding up), or my sleeve (fuck I need those loopy things afterall-or at least spirit gum…)…. 

But… I couldn’t wait. Cape attached or not, I wanted to at least see how it looked on my body (shows me I need to adjust some things?). I definitely need to lace my corset better- my chest looks wide and manly in these photos (Wtf). But for a moment in time, I felt queenly and regal and special… and then that moment ended… and studying continued.

      Sept 2013     vs.      March 2014

I cannot wait to finally have my hair long enough to cosplay Tink…..Slowly, SLOWLY getting there…

Even though my hair is now blonde, and growing out for Tinkerbell… I admit I miss my short Rapunzel hair. It was so easy to style and it was super cute…. *sighs*

Finally got around to ombre dying the shirt and putting the hotfix crystals on. Ran out of crystals and need to get more to finish the collar line(s)- but overall I’m pretty happy with it. : )