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Welcome to my blog! Here is where I post all my costuming works in progress, as well as reblog posts that interest me.
Current 2014 Work List


Close ups of my collection! : ) If you have any questions about a specific item, feel free to ask me. The only items missing in these photos are: my Lenox Periwinkle ornament, my SotW Debut Wings, and my two pairs of FancyFairy Tink wings. (I haven’t moved those yet because they’re so fragile).

ITEMS I’m CURRENTLY LOOKING TO ADD (message me if you’re selling!):

  • LE Merida 
  • LE Zarina 
  • LE Coronation Anna
  • LE Wedding Rapunzel
  • Tonner Rapunzel 2nd Edition
  • Lenox SotW Winter Tink with Peppermint Ornament
  • SotW Winter Tink Plush Doll 18”
  • Disney Fairies magazine: Issues #9, #10, #11, #13

More pictures of my new house! This is my room- it’s a LOT larger than my old one- so more than enough room to work on art!! I think the only person that loves it more than me is my cat (notice her lounging on my bed?). The corner with my fish tank still needs some love- I’m planning on hanging up a ton of ocean imagery and more plush jellies~ My collection(s) are finally up and orderly- I finally have enough room to have a big “collection shelf”. And of course, my Cap standee- he guards my door XD. 

So, as a lot of you who’ve followed me for a while know- I recently moved. I finally settled in… and went CRAZY with decorating in my free time between commissions. I finally have my own bathroom! I obviously went Disney (come on, what ELSE would i possibly want?). My roommate got me the cutest mirror decal- and cute little Mickey dishes for my cat!! I’m thinking about hanging up my Disneyland trip photos on the wall. 

Anna look-a-liking intensifies…. Working on frozen commissions is getting to me, I think….

Sorry for the crappy picture- but I wanted to share that Inga's wedding dress is getting close to being done! (And my bridesmaid dress is adjusted now too?). Even though it's going to be a small ceremony- Friday's wedding is going to be GORGEOUS~! I cannot wait!! Only four more days to make this dress stunning and perfecT!!

My hair is getting so long! :D

Am I a tinker fairy yet?



Disney at Zenkaikon 2014

I was the Belle :D

And I was the Elsa! : ) Also- the Anna madameterralupus and her friend.

I’m not on stage for very long- but every time I am it makes me yearn for being in theatre all over again… (I’m Elsa)